30 Design Statistics That Will Answer All your Concerns

30 Design Statistics That Will Answer All your Concerns

Graphic design combines text and graphics to bring out an idea. It is a meeting point for innovativeness and creativity. It is also the heartbeat of the print production, advertising and branding industries.

With increased technological advancement, graphic design has seen tremendous growth and changes in the way it is run. Today, it is one of the most promising industries in the world. Nevertheless, there are interesting facts and statistics about graphic design that few people know about. Here is our collection of the most outstanding statistics. Enjoy!

  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, the demand for graphic designers will soar by 13%. One of the main reasons for this is opening up of more opportunities for business by the internet. (Pixel Clerks)
  2. The manufacturing industry is the biggest employer of graphic designers, claiming 14% of professionals in full-time engagement. (Brandon Gaille)
  3. For every 5 graphic designers in 2016, one was self-employed. (bls)
  4. Graphic design helps capture the attention of web users for 6.8 seconds. (Red)
  5. In the United States, graphic design generates $15bn in income. (Ibis)
  6. The time for assessment of visual appeal is 50 milliseconds. (Red)
  7. In 2012, the average earnings for graphic designers were $44, 150. (Brandon Gaille)
  8. The highest salaried graphic designers took home more than $77,000 in one year. (Brandon Gaille)
  9. By 2023, the number of graphic design businesses will have increased to 386, 6-9 (Ibis)
  10. British Columbia is home to about 1500 graphic design businesses. This is 17% of graphic design establishments in Canada. (UBC)
  11. The engagement of social posts paired with images is 650% higher than plain posts.(Red)
  12. 77 % of British Columbia graphic design companies have no formal employees.(UBC)
  13. 67% of small business will part with $500 without a grudge for a logo. (Red)
  14. The number of people employed in the design industry is nearly 260,000. (Brandon Gaille)
  15. The percentage of businesses willing to pay as much as $1000 for a design is 18. (Red)
  16. The percentage of marketers convinced that visuals are important for a marketing campaign to be successful is 60.1. (Red)
  17. Graphic design is among the top 25 most desired jobs. (Pixel Clerk)
  18.  When information is accompanied by an image, people are likely to have 65% retention three days after seeing it. (Red)
  19. The number of graphic designers who changed their employment in 2016 is 17,400.(Findr)
  20. 94% of web visitors will leave a site if the graphic design is not appealing or poorly done.(Red)
  21. Due to slow growth of such previously strong industries as directory books, periodicals and newspapers, the employment of graphic designers in them is likely to fall by 16%. (Brandon Gaille)
  22. When a tweet is accompanied by an image, it will be retweeted 150% more times than a plain tweet. (Red)
  23. By 2024, video editing and design as well as mobile advertising jobs will grow up to 21 %. (Best Value)
  24. When a blog article has a large number of images, it will get 2 times more shares on social media than an article with few images.(Red)
  25.  Globally, 25% of graphic designers are in self-employment. (Brandon Gaille)
  26. The annual growth for the industry between 2013 and 2018 is 3.6%. (Ibis)
  27. Employment in electronic media and computer-related fields is projected to rise by 35% between 2015 and 2022. (Findr)
  28. With 4,970 graphic design jobs, New York is the highest paying state in the U.S, allowing designers to earn $128,080. (Brandon Gaille)
  29. A Facebook post that has images attracts 230% more attention than a text-only post. (Red)
  30. The lowest fully employed graphic designers make below $27,000 in annual earnings. (Brandon Gaille)

The fact that graphic design services demand will increase with time is proof that it is godsend for every market in almost all industries. Graphic designers not only help brands capture the attention of the target market but also retain it.

To ensure that you beat your competitors, making a careful choice of your graphic designer is important. Remember, the better the design, the higher the attraction.

Haven’t seen a stat that you were looking for? Feel free to let us know, and we’ll discover it for you!

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