4 Mind Blowing Facts that You Can Learn from EBay and Google Logo Designs

4 Mind Blowing Facts that You Can Learn from EBay and Google Logo Designs

Most successful Internet companies have been developed on a strong foundation of efficient organization, excellent culture, and solid technology. And such Global companies typically have memorable and unique business logos. In fact, their logos have become accepted as part of our culture. Behind them are some mind-boggling facts.

1. Creativity Works

Back when Google was being launched, already Yahoo! was famous. The Google logo then was an awkward and bizarre concept showing a human hand caressing a bare back. Google managed to mimic the Yahoo! logo, eliminating similar elements, and today, everybody knows who the leader is. If creativity worked for Google, it can also work for you.

2. It’s Not Just Graphics

Sometimes, the most interesting facet of a logo may not lie in the graphics. It can be the long list of facts, stories, and tales behind the logo. The Google’s logo has a long list of crazy facts that will literally boggle your mind. The evolution of the iconic Google logo includes some facts that are worth studying. These changes have been taking place in a gradual manner allowing people to digest them and also get the message.

3. Go for Open and Friendly Appeal

The original boxy black-and-white boxy eBay Auction Web logo was so unappealing that it was thought to be scaring away partners. Inspired by the powerful visual imagery behind strong brands like Apple and Eastman Kodak, the creative team at eBay created a logo designed for mass appeal. The final logo had the open, friendly, and accessible appeal and personality that is the hallmark of eBay today.

4. Use Vibrant Colors

Visuals have a huge impact on your visitors. For a long time, people identified the custom logo design of Google by its somewhat rebellious color scheme. So, Google opted to extend this vibrancy in its new design by adding red, yellow, and green to sustain the successful pop and saturation.

5. Architecture without Using an Architect

At Google, nobody holds the Architect title. The giant global company has no central approval mechanism for its technology decisions.  The majority of technology decisions at Google are made by local individual teams and not globally. On the other hand, eBay handles this by encoding the knowledge accumulated by experienced people into their review board, making it reusable by eBay’s individual teams.

Logo changes or updates are not a new phenomenon. Many market leaders like Google and eBay have had successful changes made in their logos over the years. Don’t shy away from making changes or updating yours.

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