4 Types of Brochure Designs that Can Make You Stand Out

4 Types of Brochure Designs that Can Make You Stand Out

As the competition becomes more intense, everybody, from the individual creative to large corporates is trying to think of innovative and unique ways of designing winning brochures. Brochure printing is also becoming more complex in keeping up with new technical requirements and emerging design ideas. Your brochures should tell a story if it is to meet its purpose, and for that, you need a design that stands out.

1. Brochures with Tabs

When you add something special into the brochure, people stop and look. Avoid the all-too-common brochure design and give your customers something different. Tabs are not only visually appealing but they also create an ease of usability that allows customers to quickly find what they want. Using tabs of different colors, texture and thickness help in spicing up the brochures.

2. Corporate Folder

A corporate folder type of design with loose-leaf inserts not only looks stylish but can incorporate all kinds of optional extras such as postcards, business cards, fact-sheets, CDs, and DVDs. The versatility of the loose leaf brochure makes it ideal for the busy modern corporate executive, for conferences, and meetings. The most appealing aspect about it is that your professional designer can easily customize your brochures to meet specific needs.

3. Artful Photography Brochures

The images on your brochure matter a lot in terms of impact. Non-professional or conventional non-artistic images don’t convey your message effectively. Such images tend to look very formal and static. Instead, consider brochure designers who can bring artful photography into your brochures. Images and artwork created by experienced professionals communicate with your viewers in special and effective ways.

4. Unusual Shapes

A uniquely designed brochure can provide essential business information and also make a brand statement. Obviously, there are lots of reasons why the majority of brochures are rectangular or square. These can range from issues around the layout, printing techniques to packaging as well as psychological considerations. But if you want to truly stand out, break out of that box and become innovative with unusual brochure shapes.


Always ensure that the choices made regarding the feel and physical look of your brochure ties up with the message, style and company brand. The purpose of your brochure is to basically inform the reader. If your design is not well done, your reader may miss the crucial information altogether. An experienced designer should be able to harmonize these different elements for maximum impact.


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