5 Cover Book Design Ideas that Will Boost Your Sales

5 Cover Book Design Ideas that Will Boost Your Sales

Sometimes, all you need to get your book to a wider market audience is a great cover. It has the power to convince an unplanned reader to buy your book. In most cases, the reader will remember the cover of the book more than the story itself. Inasmuch as the cover design is the responsibility of the publisher, you can always make suggestions and even reject a design that does not appeal to you.

So, how does a great cover book design look like? Well, it has to echo the story that you are sharing and be tailored to boost your sales.

1. The Hero of Your Story

Is your book centered on a specific character? You can use the character as the title of the cover. Provided that the name is catchy, the readers will want to know what happens to the hero in the story, so they are likely to buy the book.

2. The Main Theme

If you don’t want to use the main character as your title, you should try to use the main motif in your story.  You need a theme that briefly explains what the story is all about. If the theme is provocative, the readers will want to buy your book.

3. An Integral Plot

If there is a specific plot in your book that you find intriguing, illustrate it on the cover. For example, if there is a murder scene in your story and it significant to the plot, build the cover around it. The readers will want to know what happens in the story the moment they set their eyes on the title.

4. An Inspiring Background

The background is a crucial selling point and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It has to inspire the shopper. You have to pick the image and color of the cover background correctly to ensure that the reader is impressed. The background has to match the story you are sharing.

5. A Provocative Picture

If you pick to use a person, a building, or a home as the image of your cover book, you need to make it stimulating. The reader should be provoked to read the book just by looking at the picture.

The cover is integral in showing your book to your target audience. You have to make it convincing by observing the above ideas.  This will ensure that the readers will not resist buying the book the moment they see the cover.



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