5 Tips on Creating Stunning Social Media Graphics

5 tips to create stunning social media graphics

According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 90 percent of information transmitted to our brain is visual, our eyes can register up to 36,000 visual images per hour, and our brains process visuals 60,000X than text.

This means that any information that you want to pass across is better communicated in form of an image. It also implies that visual content is a vital component in engaging our audiences.

However, it is fundamental to create stunning visuals because the same way that visuals can be the factor that helps you convert your visitors into leads, they can also turn out to be overwhelming or bluntly unattractive and drive them away.

To help you keep up, here are quick tips that you can leverage to create gorgeous social media graphic designs that stand out from the rest.

   1.Incorporate images with a vibe

When choosing images for social media posts, go for something inspirational that will prompt your audience to look twice. Remember that your social media posts and pages are about projecting images that your potential clients and followers will associate with your business or brand

   2.Pay attention to your Typography

Choosing the right font or set of fonts that work coherently together can go a long way in bringing your social media images to life. It also has a huge impact on how your graphic is perceived by your target audience, and ultimately, the message that you intend to send across.

As a general guide, ensure that your target audience can read your message.  If you are curious about the type of font to use, this simple infographic by Weemss can help!

  3.Use bright and bold color schemes

One trend that has been taking over the social media graphics industry in the past few years is the use of bold and bright colors. Yes, designers are moving further away from the minimalism design trends that dominated the last decade.

Dropbox and eBay are perfect examples of companies that have been embracing bold and bright colors in all their branding aspects. Product shots with non-conventional schemes pop on their website as well as social media. Before many people exploit this trend, why not take advantage of it and be ahead of the curve?

   4.Visualize your data with charts and infographics

Classic graphs and charts are some of the most versatile forms of social media graphic designs you can create to go along with your content. With charts, graphs, and infographics, you can seamlessly disseminate key facts to your audience about the content that they are about to read. If it’s interesting enough, they will be ready to click through and share.

     5.Partner with graphic designers who can spark your creativity

There are lots of platforms that make it easy to create unlimited graphic design elements, regardless of your graphic design skills. Our own service, Dezigner, gets you high-quality graphic designs created by our experienced, in-house graphic designers. You just need to tell us what you need to get designed and we will bring your dreams to reality with our flat rate graphic design package.


Whenever you use generic stock photos on your social media pages and posts, you lose the engagement boost that visuals should provide. So, if you want to engage your audience and get them to share your content, strive to exercise freedom in your designs by taking advantage of the tips that we’ve shared above.

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