5 Types of Logo Designs That Enhances Your Brand’s Visual Power

5 Types of Logo Designs That Enhances Your Brand’s Visual Power

Getting your brand logo right can be a game-changer for your business. At the same time, you do not want over think on how a great logo should look like. These 5 logo ideas can help you leave a lasting impression to your customers—and possibly boost sales.

1. Wordmark Logo

Also known as a logotype, this type of logo uses full text to represent a brand. It the best logo design to go for if your company’s name is short—not more than two words. You could use one name for the logo or combine two names to form one.

Wordmark logos use no imagery and depend entirely on typography to sell a company’s image. Absence of images leaves you to be creative with color, typeface, shapes, or spacing to create a unique wordmark logo. In addition, this type of logo is easy to use in various platforms as it uses words alone.

2. Monogram Logo

This logo uses letters instead of words. It can be a logo with one letter or a series of letters drawn from the company name. The trick here is to craft a monogram logo that is readable and can be memorized by your audience. Think of brands like IBM, AT&T, or LV.

3. Combination Logo

This logo uses text as well as a symbol. The advantage of a combination logo is that you can use either the symbol or the text to market your brand. Think of McDonalds, they only use their signature ‘M’ logo which leaves a lasting impression. In addition, the symbol used can be abstract or intentional—for example, Givenchy vs. Apple logo. Combination logos are adaptable to various niches as well.

4. Brandmark Logo

This uses only a symbol and no typography. The symbol can be a picture, an abstract shape, or a real-life object. This logo is easier to use if your audience already resonate with your brand. You also need to think through the image you are going to use if it is to leave a lasting impression.

5. Emblem Logo

Emblems are the oldest forms of logos. In most cases, it consists of a symbol with words engraved into it. Emblem logos also tend to have an archaic feel to them and are normally used as a symbol of prestige. The only downside of the emblem logo is that it lacks diversity with regards to application.

Whether you are using words or symbols, the type of logo you choose can make or break your business. Use the five tips above to create a logo that best represents your brand.

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