5 Vital Elements that Shouldn’t Miss in a Startup’s Brochure Design

5 Vital Elements that Shouldn’t Miss in a Startup’s Brochure Design

In this digital age, a professionally designed and attention-grabbing brochure may be what you need to announce your startup business to the world. A well-designed brochure has the power to leave a good impression in the minds of the people and push others to become your loyal customers. It allows your potential customers to establish whether your business can meet their needs.

Considering that the brochure voices everything there is to know about your startup in a brief way, a good brochure design for a startup needs to be compelling. Your audience has to take an interest in what you are offering just by looking at the brochure.

Accordingly, you have to include elements that will convince the audience that your business is worth a consideration. For inspiration, here are 5 vital elements that your brochure design shouldn’t miss:

1. An Attention-Grabbing Headline

This is where you make your idea known to the audience. You need to grab the attention of the customer by using a visually appealing title and an introductory sentence that highlights the core ideas of your startup. The headline should tell your potential customers how they can benefit from what you are offering.

2. Products or Services

What are you offering your customers? You need to state them clearly as this is where you get the leads that you can translate into conversions. Mention every product or service that you offer and let the customer decide if it’s what they need.

3. Special Offers

The products and services may not convince the customer but the promotions will. Are you offering coupons or any kind of discount? You should remember to mention them as most customers are always looking for them.

4. A Powerful CTA

You need a call to action – something that will tempt the customer to make a quick purchasing decision. If you are offering coupons, you may find it ideal to mention that they have an expiry date. Use tags such as:

  • Only a few offers left
  • Visit us today for your offer

5. Contact Info

After making your pitch, you should provide a way that the customer can call you. You need to indicate your business phone number, email address, social media handles, and website address. The contact information should follow your CTA as they are interrelated.

Including the right elements in your brochure design may help a lot in starting the marketing campaign for your startup. To make things easy, you should hire a professional designer who can incorporate the above elements in your brochure and many others to make it as compelling as possible.



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