Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives 2018

Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives 2018

Adobe Illustrator is perhaps the professional designer’s tool of choice for drawing vector graphics. These types of graphics are based on mathematical expressions, which makes them infinitely scalable, suitable for blowing up to very large sizes without pixilation. This makes the app popular for drawing logos, trademarks, and other graphics that need scaling up and down to fit different places.

But at around $240 yearly subscription, this is an expensive app if you want to learn and practice vector graphics drawing, or a small business. Luckily, there are good alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, both free and paid. Here are a few worth checking out.


This is tool comes as a Google Chrome browser extension. As such it is lightweight and not as powerful as Illustrator. But it is an adequate tool for drawing simple vector graphics. It has the basic shapes, texts, Bezier curves, pens, and groups. It is also cloud-based, meaning you can come back to your drawings from another location.


This is another browser-based graphics editing tool. It is more advanced with international text support, symbols, Boolean operators, knife, pen, slice, gradient editor and more. You can export graphics in a variety of formats including SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF, and Sketch. It also supports CMYK rendering enabling fast printing.

OpenOffice Draw

From the open source, OpenOffice suite comes this dour looking but pretty powerful graphics editor.  It is one of the few free editors that have a 3D manipulation tool.  You can use for drawing posters, charts, and diagrams as well. It supports rendering in Flash format.


This is a close competitor to Illustrator for working with the SVG file format. It has most of Illustrator’s capabilities including gradient editing, bitmap tracing, color painting and pixel rotation using the keyboard and other sketching and editing tools. Inkscape can also be plugged into other graphics applications for seamless translations.


This app was developed with simplicity in mind. It is targeted to people starting out in vector drawing and casual users for quick and simple drawings. All the tools needed for vector editing are available; multiple layers, shapes, text and so on. It supports exporting in JPG, PNG, and SVG. This is one of the easiest-to-learn drawing apps on the market today.


This is a free popular tool with web designers and people who routinely have to touch up on other people’s drawings. You get hand drawing tools, shapes, text, and path tools.  It is also entirely built on client-side browser language; HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript making it very fast.

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