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Best Free Logo Makers

A logo is the most visible element of your brand and can make a big difference in building your brand’s familiarity.  Almost everyone on the planet recognizes Apple’s bitten Apple logo or Coca cola’s cursive logo.  Coming up with a well-designed memorable logo is the first step in making a unique brand. But not all people have the technical know-how of professionally trained graphics designers.

Luckily, the internet has made available easy-to-use tools that can be used by people with minimal technical know-how in design. The good thing is that they are mostly free to use.  Here are some free logo makers you should check out.

Canva (

This tool is popularly known by Facebook marketers. It is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface. You get over 100 templates organized in different categories such as social media posts and ads, book covers, marketing materials, and events. You can download your designs in JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

Oberlo logo maker (

Oberlo is the popular eCommerce plugin for helping pull in products from wholesalers such as Aliexpress into online stores. Oberlo offers a free online logo generator as part of its online store building package.

Online logo maker (

A good number of free logo makers really come with a catch. You have to open an account with them or pay to download your design in high-resolution JPG.  Online logo maker is a truly free tool. You don’t have to open an account or pay for anything.

Logo garden (

Special effects are really hard to pull off for a non-technical person doing a design. Logo garden makes this easier by providing symbol effects like medals, trophies, and shields. The DIY editor offers a lot for a free tool.  This is one of the few tools with a metallic finish effect.

Logaster (

The clean and uncomplicated user interface of this tool makes it less intimidating. If you have the basics in graphics design, the process is fast and smooth. You download your final design in a zip containing your logo in 6 different formats.

YouiDraw (

This has been described as the online photoshop because of its extensive features. You can add layers just like in Photoshop.

Free logo services (

If you find starting a design from scratch intimidating, Free Logo Services has a variety of simple shapes and designs that you can manipulate to your liking. You can have a simple but impressive logo with just a few minutes of clicking, adding texts and finishing.

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