Creative Ways to Include Call to Action in Your Designs

Creative Ways to Include Call to Action in Your Designs

Many factors influence the success of your business. These include the design of your website, the navigation patterns, the color, the content, and lots of other aspects that must be taken into account when designing the website. However, nothing compares with the role played by your Call-to-Action (CTAs). If you want CTAs in your design to become instant attention grabbers, you may want to experiment with some of these creative ways.

1. Bring a Sense of Urgency

A CTA that is designed well motivates action the moment a customer visits and reads your content.Action words, also known as verbs, are specific and action provoking. Classic examples include “Sign up”, “Start”, “Shop,” “Try”, “Watch” and “Discover”. These don’t start a debate, they tell customers what they ought to do next—take action. Other power-verbs that lead to immediate action by the readers are “Today”, “Now”, and “Here”.

2. Prioritize Brevity

Your Call-to-Action should be designed to be breathtakingly concise.The directness and brevity of a well-written CTA will put all the customer’s focus on the important aspect and removes any other potential distractions. Another unique way of designing your CTA is to make the site user actively choose either “Yes” or “No.” When you give the visitor the option of saying No, it will force them to pause and think twice if they really want to allow the offer/deal to go.

3. Decide if Positive or Negative CTA

You can create a CTA that is either positive or negative as both are effective. For example, a CTA that goes, “Tired of tossing all night? Why not try our new herbal tea supplements” is using a negative personal memory of a sore point in highlighting why the customer needs to take action. On the other hand, a positive version of the same CTA might tell the customer “Get peaceful sleep every night with our herbal tea supplement”, thus leaning onto the positive.


Many businesses usually forget to include Call-to-Action in their site design, thus underusing this important component of marketing. A good designer can help you incorporate a powerful CTA into your design as a link, button, image or any other form of clickable content. Your Call-to-Action is what prompts your reader, customer or site visitor to take the kind of action you desire. This is one design component your business cannot afford to ignore. And no one does it better than when you engage the services of a professional designer.


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