Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Your dedicated designer can help you with any kind of Graphic Design. However, there are limitations. Dezigner doesn’t offer video editing, animations (including GIFs), CAD, 3D work, magazine design (with some exceptions), programming or web coding.

  • Your Dezigner can help you with a wide range of web and print designs, including: logos, business cards, letterheads, flyers, sell sheets, brochures, banners, postcards, infographics, signage, advertisements, brand style guides, packaging, product labels, icon sets, social media graphics, web graphics and more!

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  • The estimated time it takes to create a design depends on the complexity on your design as well as the timezone/availability of your dezigner. However, we strive to deliver your design within 24-72 hours.

    Our designers are located all over the world and different time zones and holidays may affect the amount time needed to complete designs

Other Questions
  • Yes, absolutely. Your get full ownership on every design we create for you. You can use them for your business or resell them. 

  • “Unlimited Designs” means you can assign an unlimited number of design requests each month to your assigned designer. Your dedicated designer will complete each task in the order of their priority. Once the design is completed, you’ll be notified for review and ask for unlimited revisions

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