How Much Should You Pay for a Designer?

Most customers judge you by how well-designed your business website is, thus investing in a well-designed site always pays off in terms of ROI. However, the problem is finding a reputable web designer that fits your budget. Remember, a cheaper site will obviously have fewer features and less content, while one that costs more will come with lots of functionalities and additional design features.

Similar to any service, web design has a broad range of packages at different price points. This makes it important to know what you are paying for, and perhaps more significantly, what you are not getting. It can cost anything from as low as $500 to a whopping $15,000 to design a website. That makes it quite challenging to really nail down an exact cost that you may need to pay for a designer. It comes down to what you want to have on your website, and of course, your budget.

Several factors must be considered when estimating how much it will cost you to engage a professional graphic designer.

1. Design Complexity

A site design that is complicated is more difficult for the designer, so it costs more. Similarly, the more pages you want on your site, the more work that the designer has to do and the higher the cost. If your site requires maintenance that’s higher than normal, it’s worth considering engaging in-house site designer. However, at the very least, during the initial site design stages, consider engaging a professional designer to help with branding materials such as brand identity or logo.

2. Work Deadline

When the graphic designer is working under a tight deadline to deliver the finished project, obviously the charges will be higher by virtue of the time factor, and you should, therefore, consider when you want the work completed. In general, the more complex the design work is, the longer it takes to complete.

3. Graphic Designer Skills

When looking for a designer, make sure that they not only have the necessary skills but also the experience.The cost will also be affected by these two important factors. But when you are out for a well-designed site, it pays to go for the best designer.

Hiring the services of a professional design firm ensures that your final design will not only be distinctive and easy to navigate, but also communicate your message well. Professional designers conduct comprehensive market research and undertake competitor analysis in order to come up with a design that leaves your competition miles behind.

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