How to Create a Banner Design

How to Create a Banner Design

Creating a banner has several basic principles that designers follow. The people looking at your banner will only spare a couple of seconds on it. The viewer is unlikely to absorb detailed graphics or heavy information during that brief viewing window. Therefore, keep your banner message short and crisp.

Other important tips include:

1. Know Your Audience

The design of your banner must aim at the audience you want to target. Even a well-designed banner can still fail to grab the attention of the viewers if poorly designed or aimed at the wrong audience. If your banner is meant to promote sales, do some basic research about the target customers, economic background, and their lifestyle among others.

2. Avoid Distractions 

A common mistake when designing a banner is over-inclusiveness. Advertisers will often be attempted to pack lots of information into a single banner thinking that they will get the maximum out of each impression. But including too much information on a single banner can often end up confusing the viewer and ultimately conveying no meaningful information. The goal of your banner should be to leave a lasting impression.

3. Use Appropriate Images and Words

This will depend on your goal. For example, if you are displaying organic farm produce, consider a banner showcasing images of fresh vegetables or ripe fruit. For a big yard sale, appeal to the bargain-hunting instinct of your audience by throwing in catchy words like “half-price”, “25% off” or “two for one”.

4. Use Right Colors

The color choice is crucial when designing banners because each color represents a unique emotion. It’s obviously not easy to select the perfect combination of colors as that will depend on your target audience, advertisement type or goal. However, usually, older folks are attracted to darker shades while younger people are attracted to lighter colors. More importantly, the color used when creating your banner should ideally be related to the type of products you are selling.

5. Think About Distance

In designing your banner, it is vital to factor in the viewer’s distance. How far away from the banner are the people going to be or the event attendees? Will your banner be next to your booth/stand or at eye level? These are some of the basic distance considerations as you create your banner design.

Despite having the same marketing or advertising goal, how the design of the banner has been done can make the difference between success and failure of a business or campaign. The key lies in blending your marketing messages and creativity in a proper and balanced way.




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