How to create a Logo?

How to create a logo 2018

How to Create a Logo Design

A memorable logo is an essential part of your brand’s visuals, perhaps the most important. People should see a logo and automatically associate it with your brand. Nike’s tick symbol is pretty much recognizable by anyone interested in sports around the world, while Apple’s logo is perhaps the most recognizable among smartphone brands. How do you design an impressive and memorable logo?

What image do you want to portray?

Different shapes, colors and lettering impact viewers in a different manner.  Here are some examples of visual impact;

  •    Illustrations for trendy, fun and cool logos
  •    Serif word marks for a traditional, sophisticated and respected feel
  •    Geometric shapes give a powerful regulated feel
  •    Combined shapes give an approachable feeling

Colors also invoke different emotions;

  •    Orange gives a feeling of optimism, clarity, and warmth
  •    Red gives a feeling of excitement, boldness, and youthfulness
  •    Purple creates a feeling of wisdom, royalty, and innovation
  •    Blue gives a feeling of trust, dependability, and strength
  •    Green creates a feeling of health, peace, and growth
  •    Grey feels neutral, calm and balanced

Do not use more than 3 colors in a logo, it makes the design visually crowded.  You should aim to have at least one bold color to invite attention to the logo.

Simplicity sells

Many of the world’s top brands have very simple logos; HP has the two-lettered logo, Apple has an Apple, Nike has a tick, IBM and Google have one-worded logos. A simple logo is visually easy to process and memorable. The guidelines to make a simple logo include;

  •    Using 3 colors at the maximum
  •    Using less than 4 words
  •    Having only one visual effect

Go for flexibility

Even good logos need retouching from time to time to keep up with the trends. MacDonald’s logo is a good example of this flexibility. The logo has been reworked several times without fundamentally changing it. The big ‘M’ arches remain in all the iterations. Consider other scenarios that demand a logo’s flexibility;

  •    Adding a tagline
  •    Using over an image
  •    Viewing on different devices; tablets, laptops, and smartphones
  •    Putting on product labels

Go for longevity rather than trendy

Every once in a while, a logo design will come and go; vintage, minimalist, and badges are some of the recent trends. Adding a trendy element says the brand is keeping up with the times. But having two or three trendy elements risks making the logo look generic, and will quickly grow old once the trend is gone. Go for a lasting impression.

Typeface and font choice

A typeface should give the correct image. A serious formal business like a bank Script and decorative typefaces get harder to read in small logo sizes. Stay away from Curlz, comic sans and papyrus typefaces as well.

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