How to Help a Designer Create a Design that Works Perfectly for your Business

How to Help a Designer Create a Design that Works Perfectly for your Business

From time to time, every business needs to collaborate with a professional to create business marketing materials. If the design process is not planned well, it can not only be very frustrating but could become a time-consuming process with the possibility of failure. However, it’s very important to remember that the goal of your graphic designer is to help you achieve your business goals. Towards that objective, there are some steps you can take or implement to assist your preferred designer to come up with a design that works perfectly for you.

1. Provide Examples

Providing your designers with examples of what you would like your design to look like is probably the most helpful way of fast-tracking the process. It’s often said that a picture is worth more than a 1000 words. Although you might think it is not your responsibility, remember that better outcomes are realized when you work closely with the designer. The clearer you communicate your design vision with relevant examples or images, the better. Of course, the designer should set you in the right direction—after all, they are the experts.

2. Agree on the Budget

Make sure that you sit down and agree on the budget before the actual work begins. This ensures that both parties are very clear as to what is expected of them and no ‘surprises’ will be sprung in the middle of the job or at the end. Ask the designer to give you a quote for the work you require and if you need any additional input, your designer can then supply an amended quote.

3. Communicate and Give Feedback Regularly

To ensure that the design project is successful, you must appreciate the role of communication. The success of your design project wholly depends on your ability to effectively convey what you want. Although you are the one paying, for a truly beneficial creative process, you’re the boss. You are actually the driver of the process, so you must set the tone.

If the images selected are not clear, ask them to elaborate. As the work progresses, provide constant feedback to ensure that the work is on the ‘right track’. If at any stage you think the design being developed is not working, don’t keep quiet. The designer may try another concept or improve on the current one. Once the design work is finalized, ensure that you proof before it goes to the next stage as this can avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Lastly, learn to trust your designer. However, this is doesn’t mean that you can’t request the designer to give suggestions or make changes. Remember that the reason you hired a pro designer for your project is because you probably looked through their design portfolio and you were impressed!


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