The Independent Designer vs. Agency Battle—Pick Your Side

The Independent Designer vs. Agency Battle—Pick Your Side

Choosing the right designer can be a quite challenging task, especially in view of the many options available today. One dilemma faced by those seeking designer services is whether to choose an independent designer or an agency.

The truth is that both generally offer similar work but your needs, budget, and other unique considerations may greatly impact the choice that you make.

1. Ease of Accessibility

With a freelancer designer, you will generally have immediate access to their services and time as you can communicate directly with them at any time. An independent designer will deliver the project even while working thousands of miles away, but in most cases, an agency operates within the normal working or office hours.

You may not get a quick response when you propose some changes or need a printout of the files overnight. A freelancer works anywhere and anytime, and when you agree on a fixed project price, they adjust their schedules to meet the agreed delivery date or deadline.

2. Diversity of Experience and Ability

A freelancer designer may be outstanding in one or two aspects but may face challenges in fulfilling all the needs of your project. On the other hand, an agency usually has many professionals on board to handle diverse aspects of the project. Often, agencies present you with multiple designs to choose from while an independent freelancer designer may only have one blueprint.

There are multidisciplinary independent designers, but largely, an agency with many professionals will obviously offer you results that are more balanced. However, an independent designer could be highly skilled in one particular aspect of designing which he can do superbly. The best thing about working with an agency is that you will have a big team of design professionals at your disposal. Compared to independents, agencies also tend to invest more resources in the best design software.

3. Budget Considerations

For most design services, it is more expensive when you work with an agency compared to hiring a freelancer. Additionally, an agency gets hired on the basis of a retainer and per project basis. If you’re operating on a tight budget, it may be a good idea to work with an independent designer as they are more flexible. They generally work from a home-based office, so they don’t have as large overheads as an office-based agency that also has to pay many workers.

Final Verdict

A professional designer agency is best when you have a large and complex project. Independent freelancers generally do better when you engage them for a specialized single task.

By and large, your choice will largely depend on the requirements of your project. However, whether you opt for an agency or an independent freelancer, ensure that you have all the information about the person you are hiring.

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