Why Do We Need Quality Designers for Our Business?

Why Do We Need Quality Designers for Our Business?

Design plays a critical role in our day-to-day lives. From the computer or tablet screen you are reading this article from, the couch you are sitting on, to office desk in front of you, design influences how we interact with our immediate space. But those interactions can either be pleasant and memorable or dull and confusing.

The difference is a quality design. And a quality design goes hand-in-hand with a quality designer.

To end up with a quality design—whether it is a website, your company’s logo, book cover, or a business card—you need the services of a quality designer.

But why is a getting quality designer for your business that important?  Well, design, while certainly critical from an aesthetic point of view, entails much more. From branding to reputation and conversion, design elements affect your entire industry presence.

Here are more reasons why we need quality designers for our business:

1. ‘Trust And Mistrust Of Online Health Sites’ Study 

The Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites is 2004 study carried by Elizabeth Sillence and her colleagues on whether design and content factors have an impact on the trust and mistrust of online health sites.

The most outstanding revelation was that design elements were more powerful than information content, in terms of mistrust. When the participants in the study were asked to give reasons why they mistrusted a website, 94% of their feedbacks were related to design elements and only 6% referenced information content.

Although the study was mainly focused on health sites, it is practical to deduce that the same basic principles are relatable in other industries and businesses.

2. Design is Not For Everyone

Just like accounting and other subjects, design is not just something anyone can do, even if they are given the programs for it. An experienced designer often eliminates the guesswork involved with ‘raw or beginner’ design, and will dig deeper into your business or brand to come up with the best options. Good designers will also strive to understand how the final design will influence the emotions and expectations of your audience.

Professional designers will also create visual language for your business that is consistent across multiple contexts—your website, logo, social media profiles, and business cards—to form a coherent whole. Businesses with consistent visuals make more memorable impressions compared to those that look like 3 different side-businesses.


Choosing a quality designer for your business isn’t a matter of preference or minor choice. As aforementioned, from your business reputation, branding, traffic, and search engine optimization to your conversation rates and overall sales, your designer plays a major role in how your business is perceived by consumers and other stakeholders in your industry.

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