Why your Logo Design Should be Balanced

Why your Logo Design Should be Balanced

When creating any design, you need to think about the different principles of design. In fact, similar to life, it’s important to maintain a good balance between the different elements of design. Balance in logo design is the placement of different design elements where everything has an appropriate visual weight to it.

If an imbalance occurs, focusing on the logo design as a whole will become challenging, and conveying your message becomes even more difficult.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance

The design of your logo should aim to achieve both asymmetrical and symmetrical balance. Human beings naturally like symmetry as it creates some sense of order, making everything look perfectly balanced. In a logo design that is symmetrically balanced, every element has a visual weight distributed evenly. The logo composition appears stable and orderly.

Asymmetry breaks away from the norm and when effectively used, it can give eye-catching and very interesting designs. Asymmetry opens endless design possibilities and throws order out of the window.

Eye Direction Balance

Similar to other graphic designs such as brochures, the design of your logo should also adhere to the standard rules of eye direction. This balance is achieved when you successfully draw the eye of viewers to the main design element of your logo. Eyes are drawn by color, so ensure that your logo has a perfect balance of color.

You can achieve shape balance by placing all your complex details on one side of the logo and the rest in the other side. If, for example, your logo has a large objector image on one side, balance that by having several smaller objects on the logo’s other side.

Balance is the Safest Approach

In logo design, balance is critical because the human mind naturally thinks of a balanced design as being both appealing and pleasing. Keep the logo balanced by keeping equal “weight” of the colors, graphics, and size on each side of your logo. This rule of balance, however, can be broken occasionally for your logo gets viewed by huge populations and not simply those with a keen eye for great graphics or art. Nevertheless, a balanced logo design is your safest approach.

The success of your logo in terms of drawing people’s attention will depend on balancing different elements of design. The human brain is designed to process a well-balanced and simple design quickly; the goal of every logo. Ensure, therefore, that the positions of your graphic elements are well regulated and balanced when designing your logo.

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